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Joe essays

Joe essays Joe Oliver was born on December 19, 1885, in Abend, Louisiana. He moved to New Orleans in his youth and is often credited with being born in that city. During his childhood, he lost the use of one of his eyes in an accident. This medical condition did not diminish his musical ability in the least. Between 1908 and 1917, he played in several local bands around New Orleans. These bands included: The Olympia Band, The Onward Brass Band and The Original Superior Band. Joe Oliver started off playing the trombone, but he soon switched to playing the cornet. The trumpet playing of Buddy Bolden originally influenced his style of play. Oliver soon developed his own personalized style of playing the trumpet. It was with this modified style that he would gain his recognition and fame. King Oliver is...reported to have been the first cornet player to play with mutes, cups and bottles. The use of mutes allowed King Oliver to produce new and unusual sounds on his cornet and to present these sounds to his audiences. This technique gave his music a distinctive sound and has been copied by cornet players throughout the world. Bubber Mileys style of play is reported to have been inspired by this unique array of sounds. While in New Orleans, Joe Oliver played in a band with Edward Kid Ory. In 1917, Kid Ory gave Joe Oliver the moniker King. According to legend, Oliver was playing his trumpet while walking through the red-light district of New Orleans. He played the most varied and fanciful improvisations (while) defiantly pointing the mouth of his trumpet toward the cabarets and honky-tonks... His playing began to draw people outside and he soon had a large crowd following him. The crowd ended up at the Aberdeen Caf where Joe Oliver was scheduled to play. Kid Ory named him King because of this event. While in New Orleans, King Oliver became a m...

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Sport should govern itself on the field of play. The criminal law has Essay

Sport should govern itself on the field of play. The criminal law has no role to play in the regulation of sports field violence - Essay Example The argument surrounds the presence of the defense of implied consent, whereby the victim, realizing the possibility of harm involved, has given his consent to the risk of its occurrence. This applies to all contact sports, be it football, basketball, or wrestling and works in favor of the athletes in so much as allowing them to play to their fullest in the knowledge that, if they were to correspond to the rules of the game, they would not be liable for any consequential bodily harm. It seems, however, that the injured victim has to bear the entire burden, as he may have to spend time in the hospital, away from his livelihood. It is suggested that the issue is one of appropriate balance, where the courts, in favor of upholding public policy, may find themselves awarding punishment for intentionally injurious acts in order to provide effective deterrence to careless athletes in the future. The courts normally only intervene to determine the presence or absence of consent, which is provided as a defense by case law as well as statutory law to both assault and battery as prescribed by s. 47, 20, 18, and 20 of the Offense Against the Person Act 1861. In R v Brown (Anthony Joseph)1 Lord Templeman and Lord Jauncey declared that consent is more aptly deemed a defense as opposed to an element of the offense, a view endorsed by the Law Commission2. The effect of this is in shifting the burden of proof towards the defendant. In sports law, it is the victim’s implied informed consent to partake in the nature of the sport that shows his awareness to the risk of bodily harm. The requirement of knowledge of the degree of harm can be explained by the case of Konzani (2005)3. In that case, it was accepted by the courts that consent to the exact nature of the harm (such as the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease) must be there before the defendant can use it as a defense. Consent given must

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Case study Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case study - Article Example Ultimately, it is Ms. Tranita Jackson’s unwillingness to cooperate that lead to Rhonda’s academic failures. The tension between Ms. Jackson and Ms. Lakisha Mills, especially the former’s antagonism, over the lessons and schedules jeopardized Rhonda’s opportunity to succeed in her subjects. As an administrator, it will be helpful to review the case and to conduct another IEP meeting considering all the events that transpired. It might prove more than helpful to give it another try, preferably where Rhonda will be placed in a different 3rd-grade regular teacher other than Ms. Jackson. There must be a conscious effort by those involved that the LRE is a matter of law. There are no shortcuts and an unfavorable decision to terminate it may be easier but it is not always the right answer. The same is true even if the parents themselves have already agreed to it. Where the regular class teacher may be inconvenienced by it is not reason in itself to forego of the entire system

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Strategy for Mobinil Essay Example for Free

Strategy for Mobinil Essay 1. Given all the changes in the branding strategy for Mobinil over the years, has the Mobinil brand conveyed a consistent meaning to customers? Is this a benefit or detriment as the mobile service provider business moves forward in Egypt with the entry of Etisalat and Vodafone? In my opinion, Mobinil has conveyed a consistent meaning to customers because even after years of existing, they still focus on their main mission – providing reliable and simple services that increase interaction and improve communication. I believe that entry of Etisalat and Vodafone was a benefit, because even though Mobinil was not a monopoly anymore, it still could learn from competitors and improve their service to satisfy customers’ needs. Mobinil does researches to be aware of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses that help the company to stay successful. 2. What is Mobinil selling? What are customers really buying? Mobinil is selling mobile devices and services. Customers are buying ability to communicate and on-the-go connectivity – core product. They are buying mobile devices and services – actual product. While buying mobile devices, people also get warranties and instructions that help them with using the device – augmented product. 3. Will the many reasons for Mobinil’s success continue to work with the increasing presence of Vodafone and Etisalat? Why or why not? In my opinion Mobinil will still be successful because the company always does researches to know what competitors are doing, so they can provide better service for their customers. Mobinil now is the leader for mobile services in Egypt and I believe they will continue to improve their work because of their successful marketing strategy and customers’ loyalty. 4. What futuristic strategic recommendations would you make to the Mobinil brand managers? Try to meet customer expectations and reach the desired level of excellence. Mobinil should also make more agreements with networks in

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The Selfishness Of Man in Steinbecks Grapes of Wrath Essay -- essays

The Selfishness of Man Cultural and economical pressures often lead people to behave corruptly. In John Steinbeck?s novel, The Grapes of Wrath, set in the dustbowl era, people act out of greed rather than out of consideration or kindness. Tom Joad and his family have been run off their land by inconsiderate, money hungry businessmen who do not care about the impact homelessness will have on the evictees. The story revolves around the Joad Family?s trip (joined by former preacher Casey) from Oklahoma to California, along route 66, where they expect to find work. Though Casey and the Joads are goodhearted and honest people, they are the victims of dishonesty and dupery when they realize that the jobs they have come so far to acquire pay them much less than they were originally promised. The book focuses on the family?s struggle to survive, while exhibiting the evil and manipulative power which the tenant owners and businessmen of the era possessed. Throughout the novel, Steinbeck demonstrates the impacts and consequences of man's selfishness and inhumanity by exemplifying the wicked and egotistical actions of the tenant owners and businessmen. In the beginning of the novel, before Casey and the Joads set out on their journey, the selfishness and inhumanity of the businessmen and tenant owners becomes apparent. In one of the ?plotless? chapters, the reader is exposed to the hardships which the farmers are forced to face while being evicted from their land. Businessmen, sent from the bank, would come to the farmers land in cars and explain to the farmers that they need to get off their land. They would tell the farmers that unfortunately, with the technological advances being made, a tractor can do the work of twelve families- h... ... rendering the much needed food useless. The inconsiderate actions displayed by the businessmen and orchard owners show their selfishness and inhumanity, and exemplify their carelessness and indifference towards suffering humans. Steinbeck portrays the wealthy men of the era as heartless and egotistical people who only care for themselves. His message through the portrayal of these wicked men is one of simplicity, egotism, greed, selfishness, and heartlessness are all traits which a man shouldn?t possess. The themes which run throughout the novel are as valuable today as they were in the mid 1900?s, and Steinbeck urges his reader to recognize that. His depiction of the selfishness of man serves to teach about human nature, and by acknowledging the harmfulness of the greedy and corrupt businessmen, one can learn how to act morally and ethnically responsible.

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Case Study Healthcare Provider Essay

Scenario A large, regional healthcare provider is developing a new, integrated wellness and prevention program (IWPP) for their patients. This involves developing an overarching strategy and aligning existing prevention capabilities. The client has employed Point B to facilitate the development of the plan’s strategy, conceptual design, and roadmap for initial implementation. Describe how you would approach this effort. Approach: Broadly, the approach has three steps starting with the leadership team and then engaging the entire organization: I. Leadership Strategy Development and Plan II. Organization Engagement and Strategy Refinement III. Initial Implementation I. Leadership Strategy Development and Plan Once the leadership participants are confirmed with the sponsor, facilitated workshops will be structured to shape the key deliverables: business strategy, conceptual design and roadmap. Workshops will focus on: Finding a common understanding of what is a successful IWPP. This includes: †¢ Identifying current challenges for the healthcare provider as a whole and specific to an IWPP †¢ Agreeing to the existing strengths overall but with a focus on existing prevention capabilities †¢ Understanding what has and has not worked in the past †¢ Defining a common IWPP vision and values Defining what capabilities are needed and how to measure a successful IWPP. Capabilities will shape the conceptual design and span such things as: †¢ Technology †¢ Business processes †¢ Applications †¢ People/organization structure †¢ Information †¢ Geographic location Identifying the activities (immediate and future) to create a new IWPP. For example: 1 Case Study – Healthcare Provider May 20, 2014 †¢ People – assessing the organization’s culture and behaviours for integrative wellness, prevention and medical care †¢ Process – redesign business processes to emphasis case management and cross organization collaboration per patient(s) or member(s) †¢ Technology – data conversion to a common rollout schedule for compliance standards across the network e.g. ICD 10 Activity timing will determine when capabilities are in place to chart a roadmap of changes to the organization. II. Organization Engagement and Strategy Refinement The second step is the most intensive and often the most overlooked when developing strategy. The leadership team will be required to engage the broader organization to test the strategy, conceptual design and roadmap. This requires cascading participation from management, team leaders and front-line staff. For a healthcare provider this is critical given the complexity and diversity of the network (complementary service providers, insurers, medical providers, members and patients). Input is also required regarding how best to monitor progress, to measure outcomes and to continuously collect feedback once implementation is  underway. Step II has the following benefits: †¢ Improve the leadership team’s work by adding operational detail †¢ Create strategy awareness so the organization’s day-to-day decision making better aligns with the strategic vision and intent. †¢ Start to foster ownership and champions for IWPP changes III. Initial Implementation The third step focuses on identifying the activities that can be implemented first. Activities will be assessed by not only business value to achieve a new IWPP but also by other planning constraints such as the availability of people with the right skills, funding and interdependencies with existing project work. Step III also requires the establishment of implementation processes to monitor progress, to measure outcomes and to continually improve implementation methods based on feedback.

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Soft Drink Politics Free Essay Example, 2250 words

It is generally agreed that the time, money, buildings, and managerial and creative skill devoted to marketing activities could be used in other productive ways and, therefore, that individual firms and industries, and society at large will generally be made better off if marketing tasks are accomplished as efficiently as possible. However, the agreement is not so general as to the specific marketing tasks that are required and the way in which efficiency is to be measured (McCracken, 1988). Many firms engaged in marketing see their own operations as essential and attempt to perform them efficiently. Their suppliers or customers may view these same activities as inessential and strive to eliminate them entirely in their own search for superior operating methods. Similarly, advertisers may regard as highly efficient those large-scale promotion campaigns that influence consumers to purchase their products, whereas the consumers involved may (rightly or wrongly) view the bulk of advert ising expenditures as inessential to their own enjoyment of the merchandise. Even within the firm, there is the problem of identifying the particular costs and results relevant for comparison in efficiency analysis. We will write a custom essay sample on Soft Drink Politics or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now In addition, there is considerable difference of judgment as to the importance of aspects of marketing activity that constitute pleasures in themselves, and for which an efficiency analysis is therefore irrelevant. The purpose of marketing activity has been described as the delivery of a standard of living, and our concept of living standards includes the quality of life as well as the number of physical goods available. Thus, a final question with respect to the social role of marketing is its impact on the conditions of human existence. Does marketing activity because people to spend their money and live their lives in ways that are less satisfactory to the individuals involved than other ways available? Is an abundance of consumer goods purchased at too high a price in terms of working hours, or authoritarian regimentation, or social conformity induced by mass communications?